To start this blog off I thought I should tell you a little more about my self and the brand.

I’m Nicky (wave!) and I started ivyandginger last year. I previously studied art and design at college and then went on to Staffordshire University where I obtained my degree in 3D Crafts, specialising in fine jewellery. I’ve always been an art lover and crafter with a project on the go at any given time.


My degree consisted of lots of exciting things such as Ceramics (we are in Stoke after all!), woodwork, plastics and fine jewellery to name a few. I fondly remember designer makers coming in to discuss how their turned their craft in to their business and explaining their craftsmanship to us. I knew in those super long (sometimes inconvenient when you have lots of pieces to make) lectures that’s what I wanted to do.

Whilst I specialised in jewellery, fine jewellery didn’t really get me super excited, using blow torches was pretty fun but sawing through your finger with a piercing saw was not! I also wanted more colour than enamelling silver pieces of metal could give me. I wanted to create something more colourful with aspects of upcoming fashion (another love of mine) trends in to account. For me I felt fine jewellery confined me to intricacy and delicacy and I wanted statement and big frills!


Last year it all came together with ivyandginger; wood, colour, paint, drawing and whatever print I wanted because it’s all done by hand by me!

We recently became an andsotoshop partner so that was a real achievement for the label so far!

In such a short space of time the label has evolved so much already and I’m so excited to see where it will continue to go.

I’m using this platform to share more about my work, the label and upcoming events so I hope you read along!

Mini Wooden Earring Collection
The Staples Collection


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