It’s a Wrap!

Let’s talk gift wrap, particularly eco friendly gift wrap! It’s a new addition and it’s now available on ivy&ginger. I’m so excited to tell you all about it and how I’ve made it as eco friendly as possible.

Let’s be honest, if we’re buying a gift it saves so much time to have it already wrapped for us and better still when it can be sent direct to the recipient!

Let me start by explaining in recent years I have become very conscious of how much I use that can or has been recycled, which I suppose we all have, given the much needed focus on the environment and the globe we live on. That’s one of the many reasons I love working in wood!

Not only in my art, but also in my day to day life I like to continually make small changes where and as I can to do my bit. Whether that’s reusing, using refill stations or taking my own string bags shopping – I figure it all helps.

My main concern is causing damage to the ocean and the beautiful life within in it – has anyone not seen a devastating photo of plastic and the damage it causes our sea life? It breaks my heart to say the least. So I try avoid as much plastic as possible!

As a complete side note, check out The Ocean Clean Up if you share the same concerns. If you don’t – look them up anyway they’re great!

Eco Friendly Gift Wrap

I’m sure as a whole we are all continuously learning and evolving towards being more environmentally friendly. So, when I thought it was a good time to introduce some gift wrap options, I wanted them to be as eco friendly as possible, like my packaging. After a lot of research and finding UK based suppliers I finally found the perfect combination.

I have put together beautiful glassine envelopes, sealed with a hand stamped sticker and a recyclable kraft paper card. No plastic tape, no foiled or laminated cards and beautifully homemade with any message you like!

The glassine envelopes are semi-transparent and smooth and glossy! What more could you want? In addition they are water and grease resistant through a process known as supercalendaring – which I’ve come to learn is pressing the paper between hard pressure rollers making it super smooth. Better still they are fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable!

I use stickers and message cards with no coating or vinyl covering so these can be recycled too. I’m so happy with how the packaging has come together and I really hope you love it too.

Gift Wrap Pricing

As andsotoshop would say, buying small makes you a super hero already, so gifting small and spreading the word about a small business makes you a super-super hero so I wanted to make the pricing as reasonable as possible. As such, it’s an absolute steal at £1 to thank you for shopping small!

…Have I mentioned I’m an andsotoshop partner?!

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