My favourite eco conscious jewellery makers

Did you know it’s plastic free July? If you’ve been a follower of mine for a while you will know how much I love being and strive to be as eco friendly as possible. Whether that’s in my personal life or with ivy and ginger.

I use all UK small businesses for my supplies to both support other small businesses and to save the air miles/footprint it would leave from importation! Needless to say my jewellery is predominately wood too 🌲

There are a lot of amazing jewellery makers and I’m definitely not the only maker who has the environment in mind. So, I thought I would share some other amazingly talented designer makers who do their part to look after the world – all whilst making beautiful jewellery!

Ami and Lo

Beth makes her gorgeous jewellery primarily from cork leather. Until I discovered this small business I hadn’t ever heard of this material. It turns out this material is often referred to as ‘vegan leather’ and is a sustainable, lightweight material. It’s made from scrapings from the bark of the cork oak tree which will then regrow and continue to thrive. If you could dream up a sustainable material I think this would be it!

Beth creates beautiful pieces in an array of shapes, colours patterns.

Ami and Lo Drop Circle Earrings Cork Leather
Drop Circle Earrings – Ami and Lo
Beth – Founder of Ami and Lo
Ami and Lo Rainbow Earrings NHS Charity
Rainbow Earrings (NHS Charity Earrings) – Ami and Lo

You can find Beth’s work here and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram, her feed is beautiful!

Evie Jade Jewellery

If you love fun and bright jewellery which is made from recycled materials then this is for you! Lucy makes the most colourful jewellery and it’s all made from recycled t-shirt yarn.

T-shirt yarn is a by product of t-shirt making and would otherwise go to landfill. With fast fashion being what it is I imagine a LOT is produced – and what a great idea to make use of this. Lucy’s collection is full of happy bright colours and she has perfect statement pieces.

Amelia Fabric Necklace Evie Jade Jewellery
‘Amelia’ fabric necklace – Evie Jade Jewellery
Lucy – Founder of Evie Jade Jewellery
Coco in Purple Haze Evie Jade Jewellery
‘Coco’ in purple haze – Evie Jade Jewellery

You can shop Lucy’s collection here. I’d also recommend giving her a follow on Instagram, I love her feed!

The Pom Pom Porium

Linzi over at the The Pom Pom Porium creates beautiful Pom Pom earrings all from vegan friendly yarn. I’ve used yarn for the odd knitting project before but I’ve never once thought about how it’s made and the environmental impact of it, so reading about Linzi’s work prompted me to do some research of my own.

I discovered that acrylic and nylon are synthetic fibres that are frequently found in yarn which adds durability and are often offered at a lower cost than yarn derived from natural fibres. Whilst cheaper, acrylic and nylon are manufactured from fossil fuels and are not readily biodegradable. The microfibres that are released when they are washed are a worrying cause of pollution in waterways and oceans too! So it seems vegan yarn is the way to go to care for our environment. And what better way to do it then from The Pom Pom Porium!

The Pom Pom Porium Statement Earrings
Pom Pom Statement Earrings – The Pom Pom Porium
Linzi – Founder of The Pom Pom Porium
Leopard Pom Pom Earrings The Pom Pom Porium
Leopard Print Pom Pom earrings – The Pom Pom Porium

You can shop The Pom Pom Porium here (I’m a big fan of Linzi’s bobbles as you may have seen on Instagram). You can follow her here too!

Being eco friendly is getting easier and easier thanks to intuitive makers and these three small businesses are a great place to go to be part of the change.

You can read more about plastic free July here – see how you can be part of the solution to plastic pollution and we can all have cleaner streets, communities and oceans. Sounds great to me!


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