Eco Friendly Gift Tins

My gift sets have had a makeover, something I’ve been looking in to for some time now so I could find the right fit for my brand.

I buy all my supplies from other UK small businesses, this can cost more opposed to bulk buying from abroad, but as a small business owner I’m very conscious of where and how I spend my money. This also means when someone shops with me, they are not just supporting my business but lots of other lovely small businesses across the UK too!

Another reason for sourcing my supplies from the UK is due to the environmental impact of importing goods from overseas. As you may be aware being as environmentally friendly as possible is extremely important to me, both in business and personally, which is why I’m always looking for ways to improve in this area where I can.

So when looking for new packaging for my gift sets it was important I found the right small business to buy from, that they were eco friendly and of course both looked great and were reusable.

ivy and ginger Floral Collection Gift Set
Floral Collection Gift Set

After lots of research I’m SO excited to say I’ve found 100% recyclable hinged tins, from a small UK business who ALSO contributes towards reforestation programmes when I buy from them. I’m so happy with the values this small business has and how fitting they are within ivy and ginger. It couldn’t be a better match!

The branded lid labels, which are different for each collection of course, are all made in house by hand by me.

ivy and ginger 80’s Collection Gift Set
80’s Collection Gift Set

These sets make such beautiful gifts too and I can also send direct to the recipient for you if you wish.

My stockists are also receiving these now, so you could even find them in your local high street!

You can shop the collection sets here. More sets are coming too so be sure to follow me on Instagram for the latest updates.


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