NEW Gift Wrap

I’ve recently updated my gift wrap service and want to tell you all about it! I loved my previous gift wrap and how much it was eco-friendly and looked amazing when opening a box if sending direct. But, given the nature of glassine paper, it was partially see through if you were handing it over to someone unless you wrapped it again – which seems like hard work if you want something wrapped up to save you the time in the first place!

So, it’s been a lonngggg process. I wanted something eco-friendly (of course) and from a small UK business (like ALL of my supplies) that fits my brand, makes your jewellery look amazing and can be reused. And after weeks and weeks of samples and emails I’ve finally found my brand new, eco-friendly, on brand gift wrap – hand sewn in the UK!

These bags are HAND SEWN – no ‘insert big brand name’ bulk buy here and are made from 5oz 100% cotton. Whilst they do have a branded tag, the bag itself is left untouched making it perfect for regifting or reusing as you (or the recipient) see fit!

When I launched my original gift wrap I said I wanted it to be as cost effective as possible as you’re already completely amazing by shopping small with me, so this gift wrap will also follow suit. It’s a one off price and once added to your order I will use as many bags as needed without any additional costs to you. For example if you buy four pairs of earrings, you only need to pay for one gift wrap and I will wrap all four separately!

I will always include any gift message required too for no additional cost (like with any order), just add your note at the checkout and I will make this in to a gift tag on the bag(s) themselves. And although I love handwriting your thank you notes these will be made up as per below so they look really lovely for your recipient.

The only item that can’t be gift wrapped in these bags are my gift tins, which thankfully already come in a beautiful tin themselves. With these I will wrap in tissue paper and tie with the ribbon, attaching your note again as per below. They look amazing wrapped in this way and perfect to just hand over or get shipped direct by entering their address in the shipping info.

You can shop the gift wrap or view the full details here. Such a perfect addition to my brand just in time for Christmas!

I’d also love to hear your thoughts so feel free to email !


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