The 70’s Collection

As you may already know, ‘ivy’ was my wonderfully supportive Nan (you can read more on that here!) and is the reason why ivy and ginger is called what it is.

My Nan’s front living room became inspiration for my latest collection – The 70’s Collection. My Nan had the most amazing ‘for best’ living room complete with 70’s carpet, chairs, cushions and even curtains. I fondly remember laying in front of the fire in this room colouring my latest home made comic book and sitting in there knitting (or trying to back then) a never ending wonky scarf for my Nan. Isn’t it funny how you associate a place with a feeling? I always felt content in this space, so I wanted to use this feeling of pure content in my latest collection.

Upon researching this era I came across this quote – ‘There are no rules in the fashion game now’ – Vogue. I absolutely love this quote and it certainly reflects my own view on fashion too! I always say that you should wear what you love – not what is considered a fast fashion trend! More on that another time.

I started experimenting with the classic colour way of the 70’s initially, those of which we most associate with that decade – brown, cream, orange, yellow and a pinch of teal.

70’s Stripe Edge Print Studs
70’s Retro Floral Print Oval Dangles
70’s Wave Print Oval Dangles

After designing patterns and prints with the ‘classic’ colours I added pastel colours in the mix and that resulted in these beautiful wave print oval dangle earrings! (pictured above)

I picked four pieces from this new collection to create a brand new Gift Set, which you can see below.

70’s Collection Gift Set

I’m so pleased with the final gift set and I love the combination of angular and floral pieces! You can shop the full 70’s Collection here.

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