Eco-Friendly Necklaces by

Strawberry Necklace

After months of research, testing and sampling my necklaces are finally here! If you have been following my jewellery business for a while you’ll be familiar with my making process, and that all of my earrings are painted by hand. Initially this was going to be the same with my necklaces.

It’s so important to me that my creations are as environmentally friendly as possible, and I knew when starting to create my necklaces that they would require a different level of sealant than my earrings, due how they are worn. There was never an option that I would use any plastic based ‘protection’ such as resin. I sourced an eco friendly varnish, however the layers required to be at a finish I was happy with were time consuming and would have resulted in a very long lead time.

After more research and other testing and experiments, I concluded that without weeks of extra processing time the only way to add the protection required would have been to use resin. I strongly oppose resin due to the impact it has on the environment and it’s plastic properties so this was not an option!

Eventually I was able to source a company who are able to print my paintings on to responsibly sourced wood for me AND use a single coat of protection on the piece itself. Whilst this was stepping away from my hand painted process, this was the only sustainable way I was able to offer necklaces with my own designs AND the durability I wanted. I’m so please with the final results and overjoyed that I can expand my fashion forward eco-friendly jewellery range!

70’s Flower Necklace

All necklaces are available with either silver or gold plated chain and cut to your chosen size (16″/18″/20″) and assembled by hand by me. I created digital paintings based on my hand painted earring designs and these were used to create my necklace pieces.

Daisy Necklace

My packaging remains eco friendly too, and every necklace is packaged in a recyclable gift box which is also eco-friendly. You can shop the new collection here!


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